Together in Jannah

Do you own art that starts conversations in your home? Let's be the generation that discusses Prophetic stories over dinner with our children so they build a healthy lifestyle around Islam. 

Gift Tips: Great gift for newly weds, anniversaries and housewarmings

This is a print of my original Islamic painting titled TOGETHER IN JANNAH

Arabic Calligraphy: "AND WE CREATED YOU IN PAIRS" 78:8 QURAN


Notice the two contrasting sides? Each represents a partner in the relationship. This painting symbolizes the union known as the Nikah. Each day we build new memories, adapt to habits, make each other better, embrace differences, become the others strength & grow a little more. Hence, the dripping effect symbolizes this bumpy yet beautiful process of becoming one & working towards a common goal: Jannah. 
May our marriages be as beautiful/joyful as Muhammad PBUH & Ayesha RA & as everlasting/strong as Muhammad PBUH& Khadijah RA

What you get: This Islamic print by artist, Saleha. Choose a hard-backed canvas or poster. Printed with professional grade ink for vivid colors. Ships securely in cardboard packaging. 

The inspiration behind the painting is a great conversation starter!

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