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"Reminders benefit the believers". Some days we lose sight of our purpose and get caught up in the chaos of this dunya. I find it comforting to be around those who speak of Allah swt during both ease and difficulty. They live with contentment and it's contagious. So I wanted to put up key Islamic reminders that would help me lead a healthy lifestyle. The Quran was sent as a guide (or a manual) to help us be successful in both deen and dunya but we often make the mistake of looking at it as a list of rules. We grow up seeing Islam as a list of haram and halal.  We grow up with a concept of Allah where if we mess up, we’ll go to hell. It’s the concept of Allah swt wrath without being balanced with Allahs mercy. His mercy is far greater but we’re often reminded of the wrath. We treat Him as a police officer when instead He should be the friend we speak to everyday. 

The idea here is about building a strong foundation that fosters love for Allah swt. A love that makes you want to please the almighty because “which of the favours of your lord will you deny?”. I hope that these reminders help us and our children succeed in both worlds. 

What you get: Upon order, you will receive a JPEG file by email. Print it as 8 by 10", popular frame size. Simply print it at home or at a local photo center for best results.

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Astagfir - Gratitude Premium Frame

Another beautiful print and frame. I ordered a few frames and canvas prints. All are beautiful to look at and remind us.

Beautiful Art

We are absolutely thrilled with our new art piece. It is absolutely beautiful. InshaAllah we hope to continue purchasing more pieces from Saleha Art in the future :)


Great art piece. Keep up the good work


All her art is amazing but the colors in this was my fav simply beautiful 😍

Love your work

All your prints are beautiful and unique