Raining Mercy | Ayatul Kursi Art | Surah Fatiha & Surah Ikhlas | Holy Kaaba

Inspired by the mercy that is showered on us when we visit the Holy Kaaba.

Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha. Surah Ikhlas

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Islamic Calligraphy: Ayatul Kursi, Surah Fatihah, Surah Ikhlas

The Story

This painting symbolizes the mercy that is showered on us when we visit the Holy Kaaba. The gold and silver symbolize the powerful Ayatul Kursi which has said to be from the thresholds of Allah's throne. 
Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, "I have been given Ayatul Kursi from the treasures under the Arsh of Allah, and it was not given to anyone before me."
It's been said that Allah sends down one hundred and twenty blessings in the precinct of the Kaaba:
1. sixty for those who circumambulate
2. forty for those who worship
3. and twenty for those who look at it

When the Prophet PBUH and Jibreel AS were sitting, a gate in the heavens opened for the first time and an angel who's never come down before descended to reveal this surah to the Prophet PBUH. Surah Fatiha is known as the mother of the Quran. Nobody recites a letter from it except that they're given what they ask for. Allah swt himself responds when we recite every ayah of this beautiful surah. The seven ayahs are so highly praised that you actually engage in direct conversation with Allah swt when you recite these verses. Surah Ikhlas is equivalent to the third of the Quran. Reciting this has many benefits. It's a means to seek forgiveness and enter paradise. The richness of the gold tones symbolizes the greatness of these surahs that have been gifted to us as a powerful source of enlightenment. 

Customer Reviews

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Eman Ali
Beautiful artwork

I cant explain how happy i was when i ordered this artwork from Saleha. It is our daily morning evening azkaar and it reminds me to read it everyday. The colours, style and everything goes perfectly with my room. JazakAllah Saleha...

Good quality

As pictured. Print was Beautiful ma sha Allah

Shahab Kiani
Out of this world

I just ordered three posters .First time in my life I am complementing by just looking the Art on website,it just refreshes your Iman proud to be a Muslim and more proud of your work Quality never seen work so good and at its best .Mashahallah keep it up.


Extremely happy with my purchase, I love it!

Abubakar Musa
Beautiful and unique art

Assalam-o-alaikum, I am so happy with my purchase, the art piece is wonderful!.