Dawah (sale)


Inspired by the famous Hadith explaining how to discover the truth.

This is a print of an Islamic painting created by Saleha. 

The Story

Inspired by the famous Hadith where the Prophet PBUH took a stick and drew a straight line in the sand and said, “this is the straight path to Allah swt”. He then drew lines in different directions to show the many paths of misguidance. In the Quran, the correct path is in the singular. Sirat does not occur in the plural. The paths of falsehood and evil are in the plural. During every salah, we recite Surah Fatiha in which we ask Allah swt to show us the straight path.The path is crystal clear and so is the truth unlike the messages that are obscure and hidden beneath the sand in this painting. For this reason, we believe that anybody who wants to find the sirat al-mustaqim or the truth, will be able to find it with ease if he is sincere in his efforts. It will pour out.

What you get

Islamic print by artist, Saleha. Choose a stretched canvas or high quality poster. Printed with professional grade ink for vivid colours. 


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Stretched Canvas