CHARITY: Set of 6 Prints


In an effort to raise money for a few charities on this big Ramadhan night, I’m offering a SURPRISE BUNDLE. 100% of the proceeds will go towards charities. Nisa Homes, Sakeenah Homes and few others. 

These are sets of 6 of my art prints. ONLY 10 sets available!!

These are perfect for Eid Gifts or to give out on upcoming occasions like weddings, house-warming’s, baby showers etc. OR keep them for yourself! At this price ;) 

When you order a set, it will include a mix of 6 prints selected by myself, Saleha. This is purely for the purpose of charity so I cannot manage print selections. I will be choosing from the stock I currently have so it will be RANDOM. 

Each print is 8by10” UNFRAMED. 

These are sold for $24.99 each originally 



Best way to increase your wealth is to give. Riba is haram amongst humans but Allah gives riba when it comes to charity. He will give you back in multiples. 

He’ll give way more than what you gave in charity. Even if you have one date, give half to someone who’s hungry. When you give, the return could be monetary, guidance, tranquility, or blessings in many forms. 

The fact that spending anything in Allahs way with the right intentions will always be rewarded in multiples. So give confidently.