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You love Neutral Tones with metal accents. You're obsessed with Restoration Hardware.
The Powerful Surahs: 
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas
The Protecting Surahs: 
Four Quls.
Inspired by ancient scripture
Best-selling duo
Inspired by the blessings of water and charity
Symbolize wiping of sins during Umrah and Hajj
Signifies the status of parents in Islam.
Inspired by the importance of Zakat
The powerful Surahs:
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas.
Inspired by the significance of water in the Quran
Popular Makkah and  Madinah duo. Powerful Surahs and Durood
Inspired by the advice Prophet PBUH gave to his daughter, Fatima RA.


You've mastered the art of using wooden accents and mason jars. Rustic decor brings you joy.
Inspired by Musa AS's story of the parting of the sea. 
"praise be to God"
Inspired by the sacred journey of Hajj 
Labaik Allahuma Labaik
Symbolize the Prophet PBUH attire
Inspired by the bond of Nikah.
"And we created you in pairs"
Inspired by the Black Stone. 
Surah Fatiha


You love clean lines and bold colours. Statement pieces are your thing
Inspired by the strongest bond: mother and her child. 
Dua for parents, children and spouses
Inspired by the greatest women in Islam.
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Rahman 55:13

Inspired by power and virtues of charity
Symbolize Angel Jibreel AS beauty and biggest night in ramadhan
Significance of travel in Islam
"Subhanallah, Alhumdulillah, Allahuakbar."
Inspired by beauty of Nikah in the modern age. Dua for Nikah
Inspired by the power of reciting Bismillah


You love patterns, plants and a relaxed style. The pieces in your home tell stories.
"Allah" in modern Arabic calligraphy. Inspired by Hijab
 Inspired by the Prophet PBUH and the bond of Nikah.
Inspired by Madinah and the importance of Durood-e-Ibrahim.
Inspired by Ali RA and Fatima RA story. 
Dua for Astaghfar
Inspired by the status of mothers in Islam. Surah Fatiha

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