We've all heard "Art is Powerful". See what my followers have to say:

Makes me feel grateful to be a Muslim

Your pieces evoke strong emotions by reminding me of the beauty of my Creator, the beauty of my religion, the beauty of my Prophet PBUH and the gratefulness I feel to be a Muslim. - IG alefiya.14

I love the stories behind the paintings

They're not mere strokes of paint to be hung to look beautiful as most Islamic art pieces do but rather they make one contemplate and give due thought to Islamic beliefs. -IG amethyst_suns

Your art reminds me how to live, how to be a better version of myself for the sake of Allah

Your pieces of art have added so much character, beauty, meaning and value to parts of my home. I’ve added more pieces to my collection. They all remind me of the beauty of Islam. -IG fatimasjb

I love the emotions behind every piece.

I think your work has not only inspired people but has also educated us through the Islamic history and hadiths you share, and I think that’s what I truly admire about your style of work -IG j.em90

I connect with your pieces on another level.

Every time I read the story behind a piece and what the elements represent, I’m in awe of Allah’s creation and your way of representing it. -IG asya.bodeva

Your art touches each individuals personal life.

Your Islamic abstract art is an art form that millions of people are drawn to because of its uniqueness and modernity. The symbols, paint, texture, the Ayah, the description, colours in your art work asks the individual to think on it relates to their personal lives. -IG fiyafiya16

Your art has impacted people

You gave a generation who only knew traditional Islamic art, a chance to put contemporary Islamic art into their homes. -IG therealdealrealtors

Truly blessed.

I wish I could capture all the feedback I receive from around the globe.
I pray that Allah swt brings happiness and contentment in your homes and blesses me with the ability to continue spreading his message through art. Ameen.
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