The Veil [Allah]

The Veil [Allah]

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Spread the beauty of Islam by owning art that tells a story. 

Gift Tips: Perfect gift for Muslim sisters who embarked on a journey to become closer to their maker by adorning a hijab. Honor their efforts by gifting them a reminder of the great blessings that await. 

Print of my original Islamic painting titled: The Veil

Modern Arabic reads: Allah

The Story: This piece depicts the journey of life. Each soul enters a world of uncertainty. The only constant is Allah. Our paths are never clear or easy. Each person shall endure trials and tribulations. Success truly lies in our submission to the Almighty. 

The silhouettes and layers symbolize the veils which are present between us and Allah SWT on the day of judgement. The glistening gold calligraphy represents noor of Allah SWT, as will be witnessed by those entering Jannah . May we be amongst them. 

Product: This photo print is shipped securely in cardboard packaging. Sold unframed. Packaged with a story card that states the inspiration behind the painting. The story card is a great conversation starter!

Shipping: Orders take 3-5 business days to prepare. North America delivery 4-10 business days. International delivery: 7-15 business days. For express service, contact me

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NOTE: Size small of this specific print comes in glossy paper.

1. All prints are sold individually without any framing
2. The actual colour of the print may vary due to screen resolution, lighting or ink output (printer).  
3. These are prints on photo paper, not the original painting. Please review size options and details before purchasing. 
4. All artwork by Saleha Art is subject to copyright and any reproduction or printing of this work is against the law
5. Please refer to measurements for exact size. Images were digitally adjusted to show prints in interior settings