Gratitude (Astaghfar)

Gratitude (Astaghfar)

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Spread the beauty of Islam by owning art that tells a story. 

Gift Tips: Ideal to place in a home or office for constant reminder to recite Astagfhar. Blessed gift for friends and family. 

Print of my original Islamic painting titled: Gratitude

Ayat: I seek the refuge of Allah, whom there is none worthy except him, the living, the eternal and I repent unto him. 

The STORY: Inspired the story of Ali RA and Fatima RA. Did you know? The only thing they owned was a sheep skin to sleep on. Who would be more deserving of the luxuries of the world if not Fatima RA, the queen of Jannah? But a kingdom that will be taken away at any moment is not a kingdom at all. 
The hardships of this world were taking a toll on her body so Ali RA suggested that she ask for help from the Prophet PBUH, after a battle. So she asked her father Prophet Muhammad PBUH if they could have a helper. The Prophet PBUH said, “shall I give you something even better? Say Subhanallah 33 times, Alhumdulillah 33 times and Allahuakbar 34 times before you sleep”. Fatima RA did not get bitter with the trials of this world. She suffered with her father. Something to remember when life gets difficult. We can get through this.

The movement and heavy textures in this painting symbolize motion, growth and change. All of which require patience. In the theme of being grateful, I included the dua for astaghfar as a reminder to seek forgiveness for the times we were ungrateful even though we woke up with a roof over our heads, good health and food on the table. Prophet PBUH said if you have all of these things, "it's as if he were given the entire world.” Al-Tirmidhi

Product: This photo print is shipped securely in cardboard packaging. Sold unframed. Packaged with a story card that states the inspiration behind the painting. The story card is a great conversation starter!

Shipping: Orders take 3-5 business days to prepare. North America delivery 4-10 business days. International delivery: 7-15 business days. For express service, contact me

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