Maktoob (2016)

Maktoob (2016)



The Story: Maktoob is an Arabic word which literally means it is written. A reminder for ourselves to have sabr and know that what was written for us was written by the greatest of writers. Something we often forget is that we can change Qadr (destiny) through sincere dua. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said nothing fights with and changes Qadr other than dua and good deeds. Do not underestimate the power of your dua.

Learning the above inspired me to paint this piece. I learned that it's all a matter of putting in the effort, making sincere dua and then trusting Allah swt. Can you think back at a dua you made which came true? Isn't it just so beautiful!

This painting has a touch of traditional Islamic art in a rather modern layout.  A clean abstract maze falling upon a storm of colors and textures represent the uncertainties of life and the limited knowledge we possess. Hidden within it are subtle expressions of the power of dua.

Size: 36 by 60 inches

Medium: Acrylic, mixed media and gold/silver leaf. Canvas wrapped on a 2 inch thick wooden frame. Can be hung or rested against a wall depending on your decor style.

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  1. No major editing has been done to these images. Paintings are almost exactly as seen here however, lighting does change the look of the painting. Gold/Silver leaf and certain textures display differently in daylight and in rooms with pot lights. Each room setting brings out a different personality in the painting.
  2. Props were used to create an interior setting for the art and are not included with the purchase of the painting
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