Blessed Nikah

Blessed Nikah

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Spread the beauty of Islam by owning art that tells a story.

Gift Tips: Great gift for newly weds, anniversaries and housewarmings. Ideal to place in a home or office for constant reminder to remain humble and honor the blessed union of a Nikah.

These are canvas prints of my paintings titled: Together in Jannah & Patches

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Two of these ready-to-hang gallery canvases! Printed with professional grade ink and wrapped around a 1.5" wooden frame. Canvases have a hard-backing (no flimsy canvas) and semi -gloss finish (vivid colours). Shipped securely in cardboard packaging. Sold as pair, price includes both canvases. Size selected would be for each canvas.

STORY CARDS: The inspiration behind the paintings are a great conversation starter!

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"AND WE CREATED YOU IN PAIRS" 78:8 QURAN is written in modern and traditional Arabic. Notice the two contrasting sides? Each represents a partner in the relationship. This painting symbolizes the union known as the Nikah. Each day we build new memories, adapt to habits, make each other better, embrace differences, become the others strength & grow a little more. Hence, the dripping effect symbolizes this bumpy yet beautiful process of becoming one & working towards a common goal: Jannah.
May our marriages be as beautiful/joyful as Muhammad PBUH & Ayesha RA & as everlasting/strong as Muhammad PBUH& Khadijah RA


Prophet Muhammad PBUH had 11 patches on his clothing when he passed away. This painting is my humble attempt to symbolize his attire and struggles. The life of the prophet pbuh is full of countless experiences. Let us understand the sacrifices he made for us. Strive to learn the sunnah out of love, apply it in your life out of devotion and understand that ultimate contentment will come by living a life that pleases the Al Mighty. Take baby steps. Allah swt sees our efforts.
The prophet pbuh is unique in that he is a universal role model. Look into how he lived his life as a husband, a father, a teacher, a friend and a leader of the Muslim community. Try to incorporate those characters into your life. May Allah swt guide us all


  1. The actual colour of the print may vary due to screen resolution, lighting or ink output (printer).

  2. This is not the original painting. It is a photographic reproduction of an original by artist, Saleha.

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