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Spread the beauty of Islam by owning art that tells a story.

Gift Tips: Ideal to place in a home or office for constant reminder to recite. Blessed gift for friends and family. 

This is a canvas print of my painting titled RAINFOREST


WHAT YOU’LL GET: This ready-to-hang canvas! This hand-crafted canvas print comes with a hard-backing (no flimsy canvas) and the colours are very vivid. Shipped securely in cardboard packaging.

STORY CARD: The inspiration behind the painting is a great conversation starter

SHIPPING: Worldwide delivery in 8-10 business days. FLAT RATE $19.99 to US, UK, Australia, Canada and $59.99 for international.

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This painting symbolizes the immense benefits of reciting Bismillah. The multiple intertwined colours and forms imply the many benefits this brings to a believer. Barakah can come in many forms i.e- health, wealth, love etc. The fading calligraphy symbolizes a "cool breeze". It's been said that the believer who recites Bismillah; their worldly and heavenly matters will be made easy and their lives will be filled with calmness and peace. The colours also represent the beauty of this gift by Allah swt.


  1. The actual colour of the print may vary due to screen resolution, lighting or ink output (printer).

  2. This is not the original painting. It is a photographic reproduction of an original by artist, Saleha.

  3. No returns or exchanges. So please read all details including size.

All artwork by Saleha Art is subject to copyright and any reproduction or printing of this work is against the law