Framing TIPS

for poster prints


poster prints are sold UNFRAMED.

My prints are available in popular sizes so you can easily find a frame at major retail stores. I highly recommend IKEA frames as they're affordable and have a simple-modern look. 

Ikea Frames that fit my prints

VIRSERUM: Vintage-rustic looking gold frame

LOMVIKEN: Contemporary grey metal frame for a sleek look 

RIBBA: Simple modern looking frame which is usually available in black, brown, grey and white.

They have more styles in store! Simply enter the above titles in the IKEA search bar on their website or visit your local IKEA store so see full selection. 

Which size should I get?

IKEA frames give you the option to insert the print in the frame WITH the white mat border or WITHOUT. This may seem confusing but I promise its not! I usually prefer getting a frame that fits my prints WITH A MAT because it emphasizes the art. But it's a personal choice. Remember: IKEA frames aren't perfectly sized to fit prints so they will cover an inch or two from each side. 

I've converted my prints into common CM sizes available at IKEA. So look for frames that fit the below sizes either with a mat or without. 

Small: 20 cm by 25 cm

Medium: 40 cm by 50 cm

Large: 50 cm by 70 cm 

XL: 61 cm by 91 cm 


Seen here: Simple brushed gold frame.

Seen here: Simple brushed gold frame.

Custom framing

If you take the print to a local framing shop, you'll have a ton of options. I would still suggest a simple frame for a classy look. Nothing beats a custom quality frame. It's sure to make a statement! A white matte definitely helps keep the focus on the art and usually adds more inches to the overall frame size so do ask for that.

REMEMBER: Once the print is framed, it will look much larger since the frame and matte border will add multiple inches to all sides. Keep this in mind when measuring the space on your wall!


My Dining Room

Hang two XL prints side-by-side to make a statement in any room.

I took the Mecca & Madina map prints to a professional framer for custom gold frames to match my light fixture.


My Hallway

Hang multiple size small prints to fill space and create a gallery wall.

Shop the Rustic, Monochrome or Gold collections. These are packs of four prints that style well together!