The calligraphy has to be the most challenging part for me.⁣

You need to be in the right mental space to focus. If your mind slips into thoughts, that one incorrect curve could put you back. ⁣

These are holy words of the Quran and need to be given the right care. ⁣Wudhu and complete stillness. The process in itself is almost a form of art. ⁣

But I don't think I've ever struggled so much or have avoided completing the calligraphy for so long. ⁣

This year has taught us to rely only on Allah. If we sit down and write out our fears and concerns, they are endless. Simply not being able to control situations has caused our bodies to go into fight or flight mode. ⁣

We only notice the impact once the physical symptoms kick in. ⁣

What we lack is the belief and complete reliance in Allah. The deeper understanding that its all in Allah's control. Any negative experience (loss of income, loved one, health, relationships, child, shelter etc) will naturally cause stress but for a believer, deep down in their hearts, they have tranquility. They are ALWAYS aware that this life is passing. ⁣

Dunya means the lowest. The least, the worst. ⁣

The biggest loss for us would be the loss of Imaan. So if we still have some light in our hearts and we catch ourselves becoming overwhelmed with worldly matters.. find a source that helps to remind you of your purpose.⁣

My go-to is online Islamic lectures. Its a type of remedy that helps bring me back into the right mental space.⁣

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