Yesterday, I turned a year older. ⁣

It just happened to be the same day I wrote a post that ruffled a ton of feathers. Many of you forwarded the post to friends and family. Not everyone had smooth discussion. RE: Christmas trees in Muslim homes.

Right before I posted, I had the thought of my income potentially being impacted. I am human. I could lose followers and existing or potential clients. We shy away from topics to maintain harmony and avoid negativity. ⁣

I had to remind myself that even if everyone got together and placed orders, a calamity could hit and overnight my loved ones or possessions could be taken away. He is in control of it all. Our priority is not to please people. Only Allah can put love in their hearts for us.⁣

I have definitely shied away from being true to religious beliefs with the fear of losing worldly things.⁣

Like the time I rethought my decision to embrace the hijab because it happened to be weeks into securing a job I could only imagine getting as a new graduate.⁣
The fear was too real BUT the immense success I experienced in that role could only be tied to the courage of staying strong to my beliefs. He (swt) controls everything.⁣

We can't expect barakah in any aspect of our life from disobedience.⁣

Your job is only to please Allah. We will be questioned about why we didn't say anything when we saw wrong. ⁣

He knows our intentions. But remember that someone may not be ready to accept the truth right now or support your decision. Your job is only to remind and stay firm on your own beliefs. Allah is the changer of hearts. He will reward you for your efforts insha Allah ⁣

Everyone is on a journey and what we say today may not resonate with them until months or years down the line.⁣

The sentiments I'm seeing is that its really hard because our kids are questioning everything. Its such a challenge! 😢 May Allah (swt) make it easy 🙏

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