Becoming a Morning Person

This decade did something I never thought possible.

I became a MORNING person! I've been a night owl all my life and I HATED mornings. Never thought I'd love waking up before everyone. I don't always get to with a 3 & 1 year old but when I do, it's amazing!

As a mom, we deserve our ME time to be when we have the most energy. So waiting till the kids go to sleep turned out to be the worst decision. You're exhausted and all you can really do is watch TV. You get frustrated with not being able to get anything done for yourself, work or home and this cycle just repeats everyday.

With the new year, try waking up before sunrise.. just once. Try it. Sit and have your coffee or tea in complete silence. It'll set your mood for the day.
If you've prayed fajr, it's a huge bonus. Because you feel this power watching over you and taking care of you and your family.

When we start the day with prayer, the energy is different. There's a sense of "nothing can go wrong.. I did my part and now Allah swt will take care of me and anything that will come my way today".

Try it one day and let me know how it goes.

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