Saleha Contractor, Artist


Salam! I'm Saleha Contractor, artist based in Toronto, Canada. Though most people would think of me as an artist, I consider myself to be a storyteller.

My goal is to create bold Islamic art for the modern Muslim home. Every piece is inspired by a lesson, virtue or teaching rooted in Islamic history.

I create a limited number of paintings each year that are released through an exclusive online launch. My last collection sold out within minutes, alhumdulillah!

Canvas and poster prints of my work are available online and through retailers.




Started telling Islamic stories through my art in 2012. Why? Because my journey to better understanding Islam started around then. Like a child, I was fascinated by everything I was learning so I thought what better way to share the beauty of this religion than through art.

When I'm fascinated by a story I conduct research for a deeper insight. I then sketch my ideas to create a visual representation of the feeling or story. 

My style

My art displays my admiration for both calligraphy and abstract art. I tend to incorporate verses from the Qur'an to flaunt its exquisite beauty. Islamic calligraphy is truly an expressive art form as it combines spiritual meaning with aesthetic beauty. I've had the privilege of studying art from an early age but in terms of Arabic calligraphy, I was self-taught.

Glimpse of my Islamic posters & canvases… in my home!


my paint box

  • Acrylic paint

  • All kinds of gel mediums for added texture

  • Gold and silver leaf (my favorite!)