Raining Mercy [Ayat Ul Kursi]

Raining Mercy [Ayat Ul Kursi]

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The Story: This painting symbolizes the mercy that is showered on us when we visit the Holy Kaaba. The gold and silver symbolize the powerful Ayat ul Kursi which has said to be from the thresholds of Allah's throne. 
Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, "I have been given Ayat ul Kursi from the treasures under the Arsh of Allah and it was not given to anyone before me"
Its been said that Allah sends down one hundred and twenty blessings in the precinct of the Kaaba:
1. sixty for those who circumambulate
2. forty for those who worship
3. and twenty for those who look at it

My Story:  My mom would not let me leave home until I recited ayat ul Kursi. Whether I was late for an exam or about to chase the bus for work, I'd have to stand by the door and recite it. We had a frame by the door to serve as a reminder. She'd constantly remind me that Allah swt will send 70,000 angels for protection so I really couldn't ignore & walk out.
Such actions became habits so I also placed the ayat ul Kursi by the entrance of my new home.  I hope this becomes a habit for you all too :)

Product: This print is available in 4 sizes and packaged with a story card that states the inspiration behind the painting. The story card is a great conversation starter! This high quality photo print is shipped securely in cardboard packaging. Sold unframed.

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Spread the beauty of Islam by owning art that tells a story. This modern Islamic art makes a great gift for house warming, weddings & birthdays.

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