Maps of Mecca & Madina

Maps of Mecca & Madina

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Old maps of Mecca & Madina from 1946

These historic maps have become the focal point of my dining room!

What's your style? rustic, farmhouse or scandinavian. Whatever your look, these prints are a must-have for Muslims looking to add a touch of Islamic history into their homes. Plus, they're a great conversation piece!

NOTE: These are scanned images of old maps. The text/image is slightly pix-elated (fuzzy). It's only noticeable if you look up close. See all images for close-ups before purchasing. Seen in pictures: size XL in my home

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Two of these ready-to-hang canvases! (Sold as pair) These hand-crafted canvas prints have a hard-backing (no flimsy canvas) and the colours are very vivid. Shipped securely in cardboard packaging.

SIZE: The sizes available represent the size for each canvas so for example, if you order size 24 by 36 inches (as seen in the pictures). EACH of the two canvases would be 24 by 36 inches. Hang them side-by-side with space in between to create a statement wall!

SHIPPING: Delivery in 8-10 business days. See rates at checkout.

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  1. Please refer to measurements for exact size. Images were digitally adjusted to show prints in interior settings
  2. The actual colour of the print may vary due to screen resolution, lighting or ink output (printer).  
  3. This is not the original painting. It is a photographic reproduction of an original by artist, Saleha. 
  4. Canvas has a sheer flat finish to show all vivid details however, some areas may not be as focused (when observed up-close) due to the heavy texture on the original painting which is difficult to capture. 
  5. All artwork by Saleha Art is subject to copyright and any reproduction or printing of this work is against the law
  6. No returns or exchanges. So please read all details carefully before purchasing.