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islamic wall art


Shop Islamic prints inspired by Quran & ahadith. Shipping globally since 2012.


"I create paintings to spread the beauty of islam" -Saleha, artist

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Own a piece of fine craftsmanship. Each painting requires hours of research, precise detailing & months of work to bring the vision to life. Inspiration comes from Qur'aan, ahadith and Islamic history.  A collection of Islamic paintings are launched once a year. Alhumdulillah they tend to sell out within MINUTES so become a member for early access.

Arabic calligraphy and abstract art. Mixed media on canvas by Saleha Contractor  

My prints are a great conversation starter. turn your home into an art gallery today! 

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exciting news!

This Four Qul original painting from my 2016 Collection got auctioned for $9,000! It was bought by a local charity and auctioned at a fundraising gala. The proceeds went towards building a Masjid & Muslim community centre in London, Canada.


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