Welcome! Here, I'll answer frequently asked questions about my original Islamic paintings and prints. -Saleha Contractor, Artist 


photo PRINTS

What's a photo print?

My original paintings are scanned and printed on photo paper in 4 popular sizes. I've spent months trying to ensure that the quality of paper and ink best resembles the original painting. Once framed, it'll brighten up any room in your home! These prints are securely shipped in cardboard packaging: envelopes and tubes depending on the size. 


All prints are sold unframed. I don't sell frames because shipping can be a nightmare BUT I've made it easy for you to find the right one whether it's for your home or to be given as a gift. Click here for my framing tips. 

Imagine framing a photo, it's simple as that.


canvas prints

What's a canvas print?

My original paintings were scanned so they can now be printed on canvas. Once you order, your canvas is printed and wrapped around a gallery style wooden frame. I've spent months trying to ensure that the quality of canvas and ink best resembles the original painting. These prints are securely shipped in cardboard packaging: envelopes and tubes depending on the size. 

Please note: Canvas prints only ship within North America. I'd love to ship these internationally but the cost of shipping is crazy for framed art unfortunately. 


Miracles, 2017

Miracles, 2017

original PAINTINGS

I want to own an original Islamic painting

See a painting but it's listed as sold out? Sorry! I spend months working on each painting for my yearly collection. These are launched via email to members who've signed up for early access. Members get to visit a password protected website to view the new collection and grab a painting before the public launch. All paintings are sold online only as my member base is international. Most pieces sell out within days or sometimes hours of launch alhumdulillah. So if you see a painting that's still available then it's your lucky day! Shop originals here

Become a member to be notified when next collection is set to release. 

What's the medium of the art? 

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas that's wrapped around a heavy wooden frame. Paintings can be heavy due to multiple layers of texture. These gallery canvases are about 5ft long (2018 collection on wards) 


Shipping is available only within North America. Due to shipping restraints (high cost, lack of tracking etc.), I'm unable to ship paintings elsewhere at the moment. However, if you really want it, contact me and I can find out the shipping fee for you via FedEx. 

I'm interested in a painting but it's sold. Can you recreate them? 

If you've fallen in love with a painting but it's sold, I can only recommend prints of that painting. I do not recreate or accept custom requests as each piece is unique in its nature and it takes me months to create. So your best option is to grab a photo or canvas print. Remember: Size L & XL prints make a big impact and give life to any room



I do not recreate paintings or accept commissions. My creativity is best at work when I'm inspired and in my "zone" which is why it takes me several months to complete a painting. Custom work requires me to force my creative thinking process, resulting in a piece of art which I'm not happy with. I encourage you to sign up to become a member so you can be notified when I launch new paintings. You can grab one during the members' early access period.

Some paintings sell out within hours of launch alhumdulillah so stay tuned! 

NOTE: I typically release 5-8 paintings a year